Pet Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy

In order to retrain the immune system to be tolerant to allergens that it has been overreacting to, allergens (such as pollens, dust, moulds, and mites) are given to your pet in gradually increasing amounts and concentrations during immunotherapy, also known as “allergen therapy.”

Allergen-specific Immunotherapy

Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT) commonly known as “allergy shots” is the most effective treatment for environmental allergies in dogs and cats. It is the only way to truly change the immune system’s response to allergens, but it should be known to pet owners that it does require a long-term commitment.

ASIT works by introducing small amounts of what the pet is allergic to in the environment and increasing the dosing over time so the pet can build a tolerance to these allergens.

There are several ways to administer ASIT, which includes administering injections just below the skin (subcutaneously), orally where is it absorbed under the tongue or via the gums, and injections into a lymph node. The administration method, dosage, and frequency are chosen based on how well your pet responds.

On average, we typically see a positive response to ASIT in 70% of cases. The duration of when a pet may start experiencing a positive response can range anywhere from a couple of months to sometimes over a year. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of patience throughout these treatments.